100 ways to make money online and in life Part 1 (2020)

This is a compilation of various ways to make money. This will include multiples sources from various entities and even those in the village. I’m going to break it down many ways , so stay tuned.


Before we get into the specific list, I will first break down important aspects of life that effect how money is attained. To start things off your name is one of the most powerful tools you have. You have your legal name, brand name, Persona, Username, hashtag, etc the list could go on. This lets entities know who and what, that is why it is very important when naming or branding . What are you selling. Who am I buying it from. You can also look at this from another perspective like what name is in the forefront or is the transaction in another persons name.


This is a very important aspect of life and money. Your location plays into how one can get money or access to particular resources. There is now a particular trend that is making location less important and that has to deal with the internet and services like paypal. Doing business in your location or doing it online or internationally.


Currency is money in any way shape or form. examples include US dollars, BTC, data, and energy. The best way to exchange currency in my opinion is paypal, now you can receive and send money internationally with just a small percentage taken. Lets talk about bitcoin and blockchain, this increased the value of hardware that is an essential part of blockchain infastructure. There are now many ways to exchange money and many different platforms to do so.


Trends is a form of pattern or tendency. Trends can increase or decrease the value of your service or product. There are many trends to look out for like economic, art, cultural,musical and technological trends. This is a very important concept to understand. Stay tuned for the next part where I actually start with the first 10 ways.

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